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Imagine for a moment
you hold in your hands a remote control to life.

Imagine this remote came complete with a "pause" button that, with one click, could power down the noise into a freezeframe. What would that look like? What would you do with that space between the noise? If you're like many, you'd pay for that pause and the ability to stand time still.

And if you're wise, you'd use the time inside that freeze frame to recalibrate, to calm your soul, and to take stock of the important things. Well…you are about to be handed the remote.

Join us for the next Souly Business retreat. It's's worth your time.

Go back to your home and work ready to hit “play.”


plugThe weekend includes a series of talks from business leaders and thought-provoking discussions on the things in life that matter most.

plugYou will experience the fellowship of other Christians and the love of Christ as perhaps never before.

plugYou will experience servant leadership, authentic community, and of course, humor, which together makes for a unique and transforming weekend.

plugGod will touch both your heart and your mind and bring you to a deeper understanding of how we can invite His presence into our professional and personal lives.

Join us for an upcoming retreat...
and an extraordinary two days!

The food is actually delicious!
Crazy cooks - returning guests serving in the kitchen
Post-speaker session discussion
Enjoying the great outdoors
Returning guests provide valet service to first timers as they arrive
Speaker session
Iron sharpens iron
Lunch together